4 Styles of Stylish Jackets That No Man Can Say No To

Gone are the days when jackets were only for the cold months of winter. Now with the evolution and advancements of fashion and technology many designers are reimagining styles and designs and continuously coming up with different varieties that are giving a competition to the regular jackets. Here are some of them that you might expect to find at the online manufacturing hubs.

men custom jackets


Biker jackets are constructed of rugged leather, meant especially for the motorcyclists to keep them warm as well as protect them from a slide out while riding. While some have vents to allow the rider’s skin to breathe, others come with extra padding in strategic places for better protection during a ride.


Blazer may sound corporate and thus, boring to some, but today it comes with a twist in its style that completely suits your casual attire. However, some blazer jackets encapsulate the charms of both worlds of formal and informal, accentuating the chest and shoulders while offering a dose of elegance when worn with a fresh cotton shirt and trousers or denim jeans.

Retailers who want to retain the individuality in their stocks must contact their trustworthy wholesale supplier and place order for custom jackets for men with their designs and requirements sent to them.


Though the origin of bomber or flight jackets are rooted in the early 18th century, tailored specifically for the fighter pilots of World War I, designers have experimented much with this particular style and gave them a new spin by adding features like ribbed narrow waist for a slim fit at the bottom and a spacious fit in the torso. Available with sturdy zippers, these are usually made of sheepskin, leather, suede and nylon.


As opposed to bomber jackets, these have no direct link with a particular wartime design. It is their practical appearances and features that are borrowed from military situations. Since theseĀ  men leather jackets come with lots of pockets and with a medium weight and a false neck and epaulet tabs, they are widely preferred by men of all professions.

As the wholesale market is now flooding with these different types of men jackets wholesale, retailers can rev up their stocks with them.


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